Look below to see more about Telehealth

We are now performing Telehealth visits in addition to our regular office visits due to COVID19.  We are still scheduling routine patients, but if you are sick or have other concerns about going inside the office, we can schedule a telehealth exam.  Medicare covers these exams as a normal office visit, and due to governor Abbott's executive order, private insurers regulated by the Texas Department of insurance also do (DOI or TDI on your card).  There are a few plans that may not have coverage. Please ask us about our cash rate.  Copays, and deductibles will usually be required.

How does it work?

We use a program called doxy.me.  You will have to call the office first in order to schedule an appointment (we are usually able to do same day).  You can click on the link on our homepage or Right Here.  That will take you to a waiting room.  You may be billed with a credit card at that time.  You will need to use google chrome, mozilla firefox, or safari for a desktop, or chrome on android or safari on an Iphone.  If you are using a desktop, you will need a webcam.  Your cell phones "selfie" camera will also work well. 

What conditions work best for Telehealth?

Conditions that work well for Telehealth include eyelid lesions, spots on the white of your eye, infectious conditions.  We can always schedule a Telehealth visit, and if necessary, schedule an appointment in the office.