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Justin Aaker, MD


If you are interested in throwing away your glasses contact us to schedule a LASIK evaluation.  Dr. Aaker is fellowship trained in Cornea, and Refractive surgery so he has extensively focused on the part of the eye that involves LASIK.  Many doctors can perform LASIK, but the most important part of the procedure is the initial patient screening.  Dr. Aaker uses the most advanced methods to screen your eye to make sure you are a good candidate including placido imaging and corneal thickness mapping.  These advanced techniques help assure that you are at the lowest risk for developing complications.  Most importantly Dr. Aaker will always provide you the risks and benefits of the procedure, and if you are not a good candidate he will counsel you to consider another procedure.  Please call us now to schedule your screening!


Call to ask about our specials 512-686-1224
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