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Dry Eye Center

The Reveal Eye Care Difference​

Dr. Aaker believes that dry eye, blepharitis and other diseases of the ocular surface have an extensive impact on patient quality of life. He wanted to provide a focused evaluation of this far too common ocular condition, and elected to create a Dry Eye Center of excellence in Georgetown, TX. He was able to have this focus on dry eye disease due to his extensive training in the area.


After completing his medical school with a full tuition scholarship at Baylor College of Medicine, Dr. Aaker went on to complete his residency in ophthalmology, and finally completed an extra year of training in dry eye by completing a fellowship in cornea and external diseases of the eye at the prestigious Washington University in St. Louis. He proceeded to become the Director of Cornea & External Diseases for Scott & White, and then joined the Eye Research Foundation where he did multiple FDA dry eye studies. After this extensive experience, he elected to start his practice in Georgetown.


When you arrive at your appointment, Dr. Aaker will give you two research validated questionnaires on dry eye disease. He will then undertake an in-depth history to better elucidate the entire contribution of environmental, occupational, pharmacological, and medical causes for dry eye. Then he will examine the eye with indicated testing such as tear break up time, vital dye staining, placido imaging, transillumination and additional testing as indicated to diagnose and treat the presenting condition. Sometimes dry eye or blepharitis may be caused by an underlying medical condition, and Dr. Aaker will evaluate whether additional testing is indicated.


Following your exam, Dr. Aaker will give you a customized recommendation panel that may include supplements, drops, environmental modification, medication changes, and potential procedures to improve your symptoms. He may recommend additional treatments including contact lenses, autologous serum, and more. Regardless of your current signs or symptoms, Dr. Aaker will work with you to improve your quality of life. Please schedule an appointment for our next available evaluation.

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