Cornea Transplantation

The cornea is the clear window over the surface of the eye that all light must pass through. It functions to prevent infection by creating a barrier to bacteria and viruses; it must stay clear to maximize vision; and it helps to focus the light that comes in. When there is a problem with the cornea, any one of these functions may break down and result in disease. Some of the conditions that can occur that result in problems with sight include Fuchs dystrophy, bullous keratopathy, keratoconus, and corneal scars. Sometimes, we are able to use drops, contact lenses or other treatments to care for these conditions. Other times, the only option to improve the vision is a cornea transplant.

Diabetes and the Eye

When someone is diagnosed with diabetes, their primary care doctor almost immediately will recommend annual eye exams. Often times, the patient will be seeing well and will not understand the need for these eye exams. However, diabetes can affect the eyes in multiple ways. Many of the problems related to diabetes in the eye can be found by exam and the complications prevented before any symptoms arise. Additionally, the eye exam will also help to support the level of blood sugar control. I often tell my diabetic patients: if there is a problem in the eyes then there is also a problem in the kidneys, brain, and legs. Poorly controlled diabetes tends to lead to many complications, and u

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