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Pterygium Surgery

A pterygium is the growth that can cover the surface of the eye or make the eye red and irritated looking. If people are always asking if you got enough sleep, or why your eyes are so red, a pterygium may be the reason. This is a growth that tends to be related to sun exposure and is common in surfers, outdoor workers, or just sun worshipers. As a cornea specialist, Dr. Aaker has additional training in diseases of the cornea such as pterygium. He also has served as director of Cornea & External disease for the Texas A&M ophthalmology residency program and has treated the most severe pterygia. To remove a pterygium, the pterygium will be removed and the area covered with a graft called a conjunctival autograft. This provides for the same low rate of recurrence of less than 5%. A bandage contact lens will be placed on the eye, and you will be asked to come back in a week. If you think you may have pterygia, please give our office a call at 512-686-1224. We serve central Texas, Austin, Round Rock, Waco, and Georgetown.

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