Lens Replacement Surgery

At Reveal Eye Care & Surgery, we often get asked about "lens replacement surgery." Lens replacement surgery means different things to different people, but it is essentially just removing the native lens in a person's eye and replacing it with an artificial lens implant made out of silicone or a type of plastic called acrylic. This surgery can be done because there is a cataract, or it can be done because the individual desires an improvement in their glasses prescription. When it is done for a cataract, it is the same thing as cataract surgery. We take the cataract out which is a clouding of the native lens, and replace it with the artificial lens. For patients that are usually over 50

Prescription Medications are TOO Expensive!

Have you ever gone to the doctor, and gotten a prescription to help out your eye or other problem? Often times, you will obtain the prescription and rush over to pick it up from the pharmacy, and almost pass out when they give you the price. Previously, sticker shock was mainly with new cars, plumbing repair bills, and college tuition, but prescription drugs seem to present most of the sticker shock recently. As a physician, I have seen many of the drops that I prescribe go up in price precipitously. It used to be just the brand names, but there seem to be more and more generic medications that have also gone up in price. My understanding is that some new regulations have allowed compan

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