Contact lenses for Dry eye

Dry eye has many different treatment options. Some of the first treatments include artificial tears, punctal plugs, Restasis, and Xiidra. However, when these treatments do not work, we may also try autologous serum tears, Lacrisert, moisture goggles, and contact lenses. In dry eye, the surface of the cornea does not usually receive enough tears. This may be a distribution problem: the eye does not blink well so the tear film is not evenly distributed over the surface, or more commonly, it is due to a reduction in the overall tear volume. If the quality of the tear film is good, we can try to wet the eye with many of the agents previously described. However, that is frequently not enoug

Pseudoexfoliation Glaucoma

Glaucoma is one of the most common causes of blindness in the United States. All forms of glaucoma are treated by lowering the pressure in the eye, but they are not all associated with high pressure. Most forms of glaucoma are what we call idiopathic or primary. These forms both mean that there is no specific cause for the glaucoma that we can identify. Primary open angle glaucoma and low tension or normal tension glaucoma fall into these categories. However, there are some forms of glaucoma where a definite cause is identified. It is important for your ophthalmologist or eye doctor to look for these causes because the cause can often affect the treatment and prognosis for the glaucoma

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