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Lens Replacement Surgery

At Reveal Eye Care & Surgery, we often get asked about "lens replacement surgery." Lens replacement surgery means different things to different people, but it is essentially just removing the native lens in a person's eye and replacing it with an artificial lens implant made out of silicone or a type of plastic called acrylic. This surgery can be done because there is a cataract, or it can be done because the individual desires an improvement in their glasses prescription. When it is done for a cataract, it is the same thing as cataract surgery. We take the cataract out which is a clouding of the native lens, and replace it with the artificial lens. For patients that are usually over 50, but do not have a cataract, we will consider refractive lens exchange. This is where we take out their old lens and replace it with a new lens implant. This is usually done for people that are farsighted, have a lot of astigmatism, or are very near sighted. It is usually not covered by insurance, and there are multiple different lens options to consider. We can place a multifocal lens implant to allow for reading and distance vision also. There are a multitude of combinations that can be performed. If you have questions about lens replacement surgery, refractive lens exchange, or cataract surgery and live in Central Texas including Georgetown, Leander, Cedar Park, Round Rock, Temple, Killeen, or Austin, please call 512-686-1224 to schedule an appointment.

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